Monthly Archives: July 2013

Being an uncle

“Do you think it’s weird that I talk to my nephew the same way I talk to my cat? Little kids and little animals are simar though.”


Grammar lessons

“I would like to hear rappers use less contractions.”

At the end of a season finale on Netflix

“Oh that’s the cliff ender?!”

When I remind him we are married now

“No I think you get a month or something.”

Started as an everyday gross thought but the ending really got me

“I wanna open up a store called Farts, where I fart into jars and then people can buy them. And then you take it home and open it but only in front of a friend.”

Just started watching Game of Thrones. I asked him what was going on.

“They’re looking for a poker game.”

Random, solitary statement from the shower

“Paul Mitchell has a beard!”