Monthly Archives: March 2013

Eating chips and dip

“Give me one more wipe.”


Planning for our financial stability

“I’m going to take out a lien on our house, to try to record with Dave Grohl. I will if I have to. It’s my new goal.”

Not good at spelling

“Is ‘Johnny’ spelled with two H’s or two N’s?”

About our sofa

“How many farts do you think this thing has? It’s gotta be in the thousands. I bought it from the store 10 years ago.”

First thing he said in the morning…I don’t know.

“I’m gonna stick a band-aid on your face and call you my Nelly.”

After pointing out that he was using all 8 pillows and I had none

“I know, I love pillows. If we buy 3 more, I get 2. It’s the pillow tax.”

No he didn’t

“Hey babe, did you know I bought 4 Shake Weights? One for each arm, and leg.”