Monthly Archives: September 2012

I told him we can’t get married in the back yard because we only have one bathroom

“Yeah, but people can take a dump wherever they want.”


via facebook, reporting how his night went. I think.

“The smell of bacon and rock and roll in Seattle makes me want to mate with earth.”

Apparently, what he said to the dental assistant getting ready to clean his teeth

“I apologize about all the fossils in my mouth. You might find some trilobites.”

While I was napping and therefor had my eyes closed, but he found something he liked in the Internet

“Baby, look at this.”

After a particularly fun night

“I’m all used up, I got no more funnies left. I spent ’em all last night.”

Noticed a liquor company with a .org domain name

“A non-profit vodka? F that.”

That level in Mario Kart with all the rainbow roads

“I’m going to Elton John world.”