Monthly Archives: August 2012

Finishing up brand practice, blasting through our house through the mic

“AWWWWWWW Taste the fruit! Taste ALL of it! Froooooooo….”


I gave him a kiss while he was sleeping

“Hmmmmm….that was scary…”

Picking his nose near the cat

“I don’t think I’ve ever wiped a booger on Leroy. That would be funny because he’d lick it off and then he’d eat my boogers”

Cat food

“Stinky meat”

When I get a text message and my phone goes “ding”

“Baby’s cryin’!”

What he says my alarm clock sounds like

“Sounds like a bunch of morons playing cards.”

Trying to get comfy (and there was definitely no lettuce or anything under the pillow)

“Why is there lettuce underneath the pillow? … You gotta push the evil out. You wanna do a breathing exercise with me?”