Monthly Archives: June 2012

I reminded him of his own idea to illustrate this blog

“I said that?! Was I drunk? That’s a great idea! I have good ideas.”


Wishes upon death

“I want to be duct-taped to a missle and fired into space naked. Well, cover the p.  Might be kids there. Orrrrrrr…Make me into a pinata! Fill me with little booze shots and beat them outta me.” (except he actually spelled pinata like penita)

Pampering himself

“I put lotion in my beard because it makes it feel WONDERFUL.”

Made up vocabulary that sounds like it could be real

“we will build a politude of not good.”

Not an honest athlete but very cute nonetheless.

This isn’t really a Jason Said It but he just told me how when he was younger his dad took him to the NFL Hall of Fame and he hid photos of himself in players’ jerseys so the he could say he was in the Hall of Fame. And also told me how he took a remote control car with a coat hanger attached to Reds batting practice to collect home run balls into a styrofoam cup on a string.

Good morning

“Did you sleep last night? That’s what I’m gonna start asking, not did you sleep well. Did you have a bed last night? Were you able to lie on your side?”

Grammar lesson

“Adverbs usually end in -ly, like fuckly and brownly.”