Monthly Archives: May 2012

Exhausted, I guess

Jason: “Is it just him?”
Me: “Is it just who?”
Jason: “what?”
Me: “You said is it just him. Is what just who?”
Jason: (shrugs) “I’m stupid.”


Halfway through demolishing our back deck

“I changed my mind. Do you think we should try to save the deck?”

Making his case for a jacket with fringe on the sleeves

“Nah, that’s when I’d go out peacocking.”

“ugh, Jason, your breath stinks.”

“Well, take my breath away.”

Text conversation

Jason: “I mean, if charting the bed is cool, then I’m Miles Davis.”

Jason: That’s scharting.

Me: Aaaaaaaahahaha

Me: That gets blogged, with both spelling errors.

Jason: No. Respect my poop.

Me: That too.

Jason: Doh!

On restless sleep

“I got my tossy turnies on.”

Cowboy hats

“That’s SUCH a racist hat.”