Monthly Archives: April 2012


“Oh, maaaan…. I just reached to scratch my butt and I accidentally farted and now I farted on my hand…”


I said I didn’t feel well

“Awwww… Did you eat some tainted meat?”

Out to dinner

Me: “Stop it! Jason you’re pissing me off!
Jason: “Why?”
Me: “Because you’re throwing garbage at me.”
Jason: “No I’m not! I’m catapulting it!”

He always pronounces “across” like “acrost” so I stopped him mid sentence and demanded he spell it.

“….spell what? Acrosssss? No, it’s a made up word.”

Upon hearing rumors of Don Draper full frontal on Mad Men

“we can slo mo his shaft!”

His name for Westchester


Explaining a song he had written

“No, you don’t understand. He’s a log cabin log rider, and he’s taking his log out for a dip. Do you understand?”