Monthly Archives: February 2012

I don’t think that’s what the owl meant

“Basically, like they said with Tootsie Rolls… How much can you cram?”


I was snuggling wth our cat and asked if he could think of any cat-related Oscar films

“Lady and the Tramp! Oh wait that was dogs.”

Vocabulary lessons

“Yeah, it was like a calabash. See these big words I’m throwing down?”

Jumps out of bed in the dark, runs in circles with one arm in the air, and sings:

“wwwaaaaaahhhh illusions in the skyyyy! Hahaha that’s the name of my new band!”

Well…kinda like Kanye

“I’ve decided to go HAM.”

Jason got a cold and said this about 100 times a day

(in a whiny voice) “You have to be niiiice to meeeee.”

“I did fart…

“…but it was a little one.”