Monthly Archives: December 2011

I was whining about needing to lose a few pounds

“You’re skinny to me!”


About a face painting booth at a fair

“I wanna see if they can paint my ass”

I sneezed

“Bless. Your. Self.”

Combining sailing with aero physics with Viani

“We’re gonna tack to space?!”

Guest blog: Viani said it

“You can never have enough rudder”

Finishing up singing in the shower

“Did you hear my ‘Mr. Belvedere Does All the Grunge Favorites’?!”

It included “Spoonman, burpadurpadurrr tea and crumpets. Don’t stomp the rooster, burrrrr, Bob Ueker! Walk through the door, no one cares! burrrpadurrr.”

Singing about Alice in Chains

[singing] “I live in Seattle! I drink some coffee! I’m doing heroin! Wooooooo!”