Monthly Archives: September 2011

If Snoop Dogg and Motörhead played the same show.

“it would be everyone getting their asses kicked but still looking awesome.”


What are you thinking about?

“I’m thinking about poverty in America…I’m thinking about people starving all over the world…I’m thinking about how I want Adrian Peterson to score some more fucking points for me.”

Wrote a little ad for a new supermarket, in a New York accent

“Hi my name is Rick the butcher, I drive a Ford Escape, I like to smoke cigarettes when I drive, and my wife is obsessved with Touched by an Angel. Here’s a ribeye steak, now go fuck yourself. Honk!”

Jason’s take on it being 65 and rainy in Cincinnati and 90 in Portland in September

“You know what’s about to happen, right? Satan’s coming to town.”

Digestive innovation

“It’s weird, I pushed on my stomach and air came out. I shall call it a fart!”

I complained that we were listening to sports radio in the car

“I don’t know I thought it was Rock and Roll!”

Flipping past a Christian radio station

“here, hold this wine, you can have some if you want but your butt’s gonna hurt.”