Monthly Archives: May 2011

About this blog (and half asleep)

“Did you fake money me? I mean, make fun of me?”



Explaining his air conditioner and his drum machine, I think

“Yeah, I got an R2Dcool upstairs and an R2beat2 downstairs.”

When I explained that old t-shirts and pieces of wood don’t go in the recycling bin

“Don’t roll your eyes at me. Hey I’m just trying to save the world….But seriously why can’t you recycle a t-shirt? It’s cotton! It’s from the earth!”

Just waking up, while I get ready for work

“What’s the name of the granola bar they market for women? Luna? It’s for women? What’s it called?! Luna?! It has estrogen and shit!”

When I didn’t disagree that it was time to brush his teeth

“Oh! If you say something smells like doo doo butter, you should eat it!”

Out for a nice dinner.

“Don’t be frontin’ on cabbage! Cabbage is the shit! It has a history and it lasts forever! Lettuce is a bitch compared to cabbage!”